Thursday, April 16, 2015

Golf and Pimento Cheese on White Bread

For golf and the State of Georgia, the Masters Golf Tournament is the sport's crowning glory.... Modestly stated by a lifelong Georgian and non-golfer. For days ahead of the Master's, my Facebook page was flooded with photos and comments about... No, not golf... But the fantastic pimento cheese on white bread sandwiches available at the Augusta National. I was surprised to read from an Instagram/blogger friend that pimento cheese is difficult to find "up North." Not wanting Jen or anyone to be without this delicious sandwich makings.. I am sharing my recipe. Mama made pimento cheese, but I am sure hers was without garlic or spices. She was a salt and pepper girl. Mama did, however, cut celery into 3" or so lengths and fill with pimento cheese. They looked like little canoes filled with cheesy goodness! Its creamy gloriousness was not confined to sandwiches or crackers. So here you go... Give it a try. If you are a cheese lover, I do not think you will be disappointed. 

Pimento Cheese

You'll need:

4 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature (I have also used Havarti Cheese... Very good!)
1 teaspoon garlic salt (or 1/2 t. garlic powder... This is not a low sodium recipe)
1 teaspoon Nature's Seasons (You can use just salt, but I like the combination of salt, pepper, and spices in this product)
1 4 oz jar diced pimentos, drained (You can also run these through the food processor if you want less noticeable pieces of pimento.)
1 cup mayonnaise (Hellmann's or Duke's is best for PC and potato salad ... But that's just a Southern Thing!)

I begin by putting cream cheese in large microwaveable bowl then sprinkle the seasoning over the cream cheese and warm slightly in the microwave.. 30 - 40 seconds... Long enough that you should be able to enjoy the aroma of cheese and spices! This step is totally unnecessary, but I do it anyway. For some reason I think it enhances the flavor. Now, you see why I do NOT do a food blog!
Add cheddar cheese, pimento, and mayo. Mix well. Taste... Add more seasonings as desired. Enjoy immediately with your choice of bread... However, I must say that just plain old white bread is a favorite... Toasted or not. Please cut your sandwich diagonally for added triangular pleasure. Also good with crackers or celery. Cover and refrigerate pimento cheese.. Stays fresh for at least a week.

So... Spring is in full swing here...often wafting to Summer! Much to anticipate here... The retirement Magnolia has dozens of buds, the long awaited peonies are taking turns opening one a day, sunflower, zinnia, gourd seedlings are ready for transplanting, and the amaryllis are putting on a show. Hope all is well in your world!

Well, bless their heart! The New York Times is writing about my beloved Duke's Mayonnaise! Read all about it here:

Duke's and The New York Times


  1. My mother used to make pimento cheese, but I don't think I have seen or heard of it in decades!

    1. Great beach and comfort food in a sandwich or with crackers. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is so great, Susan. Thanks for taking the time. I can't wait to try making it!

    1. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it turns out or if you have questions... Just mix and taste...add mayo, spices to taste.

  3. Dear Susan,
    oh I love your recipe - and will try it (even though I might not find 'Nature's Seasons' - but maybe I might - the KaDeWe has a huge section for all these wonderful things).
    I'm not a golfer either - but see the charme of it (as I do with tennis, accompanied with fresh strawberries and cream, eaten in England on the lawn).
    Please share more of your recipes, food-blogger or not - I think it is good to do something without knowing the reason why - its 'following intuition'.
    Your peonies look so lovely - they are one of the flowers I cannot have on my balcony (but had lots in my garden) - but then I'll compromise and go into the Botanical Garden and enjoy them there - the joy will be (almost, I'm honest) as great as if they were mine. :-)
    Enjoy your wonderful weather! Britta xxx

    1. Britta... Hope you give it a try. It really is delicious and good to have on hand. I saw the most delicious photo of the little celery pimento cheese boats and cherry tomatoes stuffed with PC on a buffet table... Was a lovely presentation! The Nature's Seasoning is salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and parsley... I like the ease of having these all in one seasoning. Let me know how you like it. Peonies are not suppose to grow well this far south so I am overjoyed at the few that bloom! I just posted a photo on Instagram... can't get enough of them!!

    2. Thank you that I know now the ingredients of "Nature's Seasoning' - so I can make it on my own, with a little bit more time than you need.

  4. Back again! Unfortunately I came back from my trip with a nasty cold, so am slow at catching up. Just read the NT piece--fascinating! We are such a homogenous world now, I love reading of regional differences and specialties. The first time I had pimento cheese was at Hungry Mother a southern style restaurant in Cambridge MA and I loved it. I was so upset when I went back and it was no longer on the menu. Then they opened a bar State Park, and I went there and had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich--delicious! I once saw pimento cheese at Murrays CHeese Shop in Manhattan, but nowhere else in the northeast. So when I'm feeling better I'll be making some. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  5. Well, your spring IS in full swing there. Our peonies are just peeking out of the ground. Your photo with the lady bug is gorgeous, Susan. Enjoy your spring garden. BTW, did you plant any new seeds or plants this year?

  6. A very tasty recipe, and pure comfort food fab. Your peonies are already looking pretty, even though they're still not quite ready to show their adorable faces. I hope to see and breathe in these gorgeous flowers, my favourite spring blooms, along with lilac, this spring/summer in Toronto! Hope they wait for me!



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