Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Always late?

How is it that I manage to forget the fun things that I always intend to remember to do... especially... Janes' Flowers in the House! Guess that's just my nature and since I am into my 6th decade... is there really a reason to change? No flowers in the house, but the butterflies, zinnias, and dragonflies were most cooperative.

Stop in and enjoy the visit to Jane's real party...better late than never. In October maybe I'll be on time! There's always the possibility of a miracle. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, Monday... can't trust that day

Monday...Monday, was one of those beautiful, almost Fall, low humidity days in South Georgia. A rarity and a teaser for those of us who endure the heat and humidity to live in our beloved neck of the woods. 

I spent a few minutes roaming the yard with camera in hand. 

Today was my day for insects... the butterfly was filled with nervous energy... tenaciously moving from one bloom to the other. The zinnias that I defamed late in August have rebounded! Supplying us with many spectacular blooms... on rather spindly branches!

The dragon flies were out in force. They much preferred the compost pile to the colorful flowers. Capturing this one's awesome little body parts and jointed legs was a stroke of luck! 

Hope you enjoyed your 
Monday, Monday... 

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Monday, Monday - The Mamas and the Papas

Monday, September 10, 2012

Late summer surprises!

Do you have any late summer surprises in your garden? I have found several smiles among the ruins of bloomed out petunias, spent geraniums, and sadly wilting tomato plants.

Even with the very late mid-summer planting, a little gourd is popping up here and there among the vines. I love watching the baby gourd take form from the pollinated bloom. Each little gift surprises at how quickly it grows and matures. 
Two sturdy bottlenecks are defying the high temperatures and braving the insects. Every year I have lofty ideas of grabbing the brushes and paint... turning them into jolly Santas, friendly snowmen, or lovely little birdhouses. Unfortunately, those ideas remain part of my "to do" list!

The biggest surprise was the dipper gourd! After planting this type seed for years, the reward is on the vine! I have been enamored with dipper gourds for a couple of years. I had the privilege of  actually holding a gourd dipper from Africa that was several centuries old. The stories that dipper could tell! It was an amazing experience. My thoughts were whirling trying to imagine the hands that grew the gourd and turned it into a very utilitarian object... quenching the thirst of each person who drank from it.
The daylilies have reappeared! After cutting these back to update flower beds, they have obligingly made a showy late summer appearance. This type daylily, often called "ditch lily," is scorned by many experts. It's never been a bully in my garden and always a very welcomed sight! The double bloom with lovely deep red markings... what's not to love?
Does anyone know the name of these lovely, delicate little flowers? They come from a very small round bulb and the leaves are a very deep green and spiky. A very dear relative gave me the bulbs and I am sure given his vast knowledge of both flora and fauna, he knew and shared the name. Unfortunately, it is one of those do-over questions I would like to ask, but is now too late. However, the daylilies and these little lovelies are beautiful memorials to a beloved man.

Hope each new day brings you lots of smiles and wondrous gifts of nature in your part of the world.