Monday, April 7, 2014

Flowers in the House ~ Thank you, Springtime!

Finally... the cold seems to have gone! Some cool, rainy days, but no freezing temps...YIPPEE! I really am not gloating... for anyone who is still experiencing unseasonably cold weather, your springtime will come. I am just happy to be back where we are suppose to be here in the South. Yesterday and today, we have had severe thundershowers and now we are under tornado watches... unsettling, but typical weather here! We do know how to react to this type weather... snow and ice, just freak us out!

The azaleas in the front beds are in full bloom. The dogwood is waning. The cold March weather was not kind to my dogwood this year. Fortunately, my neighbors and others about town are maintaining their beauty. These little bouquets make kitchen chores so much more pleasant! Each blue bottle holds one stem from the azalea...little pink pom poms!

One climbing rose, a couple of stems of Indian Hawthorne, and lemon basil were all gathered from around the yard. The lemon basil has rebounded with a vengeance! The barren pot is now covered with lovely fresh basil. 

The azaleas are pretty, pink perfection!

Lovely purple iris surrounded by more Indian Hawthorne, and a sprig from a blooming tree on the fence row (No idea what kind!). Three irises are blooming in the back flowerbed. I could only cut one...they were just too pretty outside!

I am so excited to see the perennials coming back. There are about ten or so peonies of the 30 I planted last year. Since I am on the lowest edge of their growing zone, I am happy with that. Did I say that one of the plants has two lovely buds? I have seen so many beautiful FITH offerings with peonies, I just had to give them a try. Keeping my fingers crossed for a few pretty blossoms this year. The hydrangeas are filling in nicely and the ginormous gardenia bush is lush and green. Looking forward to May flowers!

Thanks, Jane for another chance to dress up the house a bit with Flowers in the House! Follow the link below and visit Jane and the other participants. 

Good wishes for a pleasant week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March ~ Scavenger Hunt

After trying for several months to meet Made with Love's Scavenger Hunt challenge, I have (somewhat!) succeeded! Seems that my intentions are good and then "life" just gets in the way.

9 A.M. - My favorite household appliance

Berries - Podocarpus shrub

Lit Up - 16 Candles on the 
G-daughter's birthday cake

Grate - a bit of a stretch on this one!

Working - Son pressure washing his home

Brickwork - and a handsome lizard

Cutlery - Mama's silverware - Lady Esther 1935

Flowers - too pretty to just choose one! 
Thanks for the collage.

Ticket stub - Local high school musical - Grease

Crisp - A lovely crisp, blue sky

Colorful door - The bright, springtime carrot 
on the back door!

M is for ~ Memories

Loving memories of our dear friend, Cindy, who lost her battle with cancer in mid-March. 

Please visit Made with Love's Scavenger Hunt for March. Make some new friends and see some awesome photos from around the world. 

Thanks for stopping by!