Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walking in Sunshine...

Finally, the rain and grey skies are gone… glorious sunshiny day! On the cold, wet, cloudy days, I find myself withdrawing into my little nest at the end of the sofa. Book, magazine, or iPad in hand, I huddle leaving only long enough to do the required meals and daily chores. 

For a few days this week… oh my, glorious turquoise skies and brilliant sunshine. Mild temperatures and sunshine... and irresistible combination for someone who has too long been away from her camera. The short walk out behind my backyard neighbors was awakening... inspiring!

Sometimes we have to walk through the shadows to appreciate the sunshine.

The sunshine on the other side was a gift.

If anyone north of the Mason-Dixon Line wonders where the geese come to Winter... here is one answer. 

31.7156° N, 83.2564° W

The beauty of the sunny, mild Winter days gave way to more chilling rain and cold. I have said this before... if you don't like Southern weather in the morning.. just stick around until lunch.. forever changing! 

Joining Karen over at Sunlit Sunday. Thanks, Karen, for getting  me off the sofa and out with my camera. Hope that wherever you are you are having a "sunlit" day... and good wishes for a pleasant week.