Saturday, May 23, 2015

Unexpected Beauty

Sometimes we find beauty where it is least expected. At our house, it's the trash pile. I won't be presumptuous and call it a "compost pile." It is much too neglected for that! However, this year it seems to be the prettiest place on our yard. Last year's zinnias, cucumber, and tomato plants were cast off into the pile. Lots of cold, rainy, winter weather sure did the trick for those tenacious little leftover seeds. What a lovely gift! 

The zinnias and Queen Anne's lace find their way to a pretty cobalt bottle and dress up the kitchen counter. After all, gifts are definitely meant to be enjoyed!

We have new neighbors this Spring. A pair of broad-shouldered hawks were spotted in March. The pair settled on a residence down the road and have been nesting in the treetops. Our neighbor reports that they are in their second nesting cycle and can be seen carrying dinner to the little ones. Preying on the neighborhood squirrels and snakes seems natural, but I don't like the idea of losing our songbirds and dove to this pair! 

Bits and pieces of life here...

Hope you have a wonderful week.. Be sure to look for that unexpected beauty! 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

FITH ... Peonies, please!

It's all because of JaneJenBow Street Flowers and countless others who posted photo after photo of beautiful... gorgeous... frilly... fantastic... peonies. The obsession began. Why have I never seen these marvelous flowers adorning yards and gardens in my neck of the woods... bushes of lush, lovely flowers... pink, white, red... so, so beautiful? Oh my goodness, could it be because I don't have any relatives or connections Up North... that is North of Atlanta? The unfortunate... sorry state of affairs... peonies do not like the hot, humid Deep South! Not to be dissuaded... I persevered... I searched and searched.. there must be some variety that would like its feet in moist, rich Southern soil. The eBay seller was kind... he didn't think I would be successful, but what the heck? I have wasted money before... and not for such a good cause... the pursuit of the perfect Southern Peony! Well, I have exactly cornered the market, but the peony crop went from 2 blooms in 2013, 2014 to a whopping 11 blooms in 2015! I have papered Facebook and Instagram with the photos... and even shared some last week in the previous blog post. But for you, Jane... here they are again... FITH with a haiku or two devoted to these lovelies! 

one peony
per blossom is not enough
for a peony

 My Grandma Lora's bud vase was the perfect vessel! Applause, indeed!

the applause 
of one and all shower
the peony

Glorious peony
wrapped so tight inside the bud
burst forth your beauty

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Thanks for the party, Jane. 

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There's lots of beauty out there to enjoy!

Smiles and good wishes for a pleasant week!