Monday, April 7, 2014

Flowers in the House ~ Thank you, Springtime!

Finally... the cold seems to have gone! Some cool, rainy days, but no freezing temps...YIPPEE! I really am not gloating... for anyone who is still experiencing unseasonably cold weather, your springtime will come. I am just happy to be back where we are suppose to be here in the South. Yesterday and today, we have had severe thundershowers and now we are under tornado watches... unsettling, but typical weather here! We do know how to react to this type weather... snow and ice, just freak us out!

The azaleas in the front beds are in full bloom. The dogwood is waning. The cold March weather was not kind to my dogwood this year. Fortunately, my neighbors and others about town are maintaining their beauty. These little bouquets make kitchen chores so much more pleasant! Each blue bottle holds one stem from the azalea...little pink pom poms!

One climbing rose, a couple of stems of Indian Hawthorne, and lemon basil were all gathered from around the yard. The lemon basil has rebounded with a vengeance! The barren pot is now covered with lovely fresh basil. 

The azaleas are pretty, pink perfection!

Lovely purple iris surrounded by more Indian Hawthorne, and a sprig from a blooming tree on the fence row (No idea what kind!). Three irises are blooming in the back flowerbed. I could only cut one...they were just too pretty outside!

I am so excited to see the perennials coming back. There are about ten or so peonies of the 30 I planted last year. Since I am on the lowest edge of their growing zone, I am happy with that. Did I say that one of the plants has two lovely buds? I have seen so many beautiful FITH offerings with peonies, I just had to give them a try. Keeping my fingers crossed for a few pretty blossoms this year. The hydrangeas are filling in nicely and the ginormous gardenia bush is lush and green. Looking forward to May flowers!

Thanks, Jane for another chance to dress up the house a bit with Flowers in the House! Follow the link below and visit Jane and the other participants. 

Good wishes for a pleasant week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March ~ Scavenger Hunt

After trying for several months to meet Made with Love's Scavenger Hunt challenge, I have (somewhat!) succeeded! Seems that my intentions are good and then "life" just gets in the way.

9 A.M. - My favorite household appliance

Berries - Podocarpus shrub

Lit Up - 16 Candles on the 
G-daughter's birthday cake

Grate - a bit of a stretch on this one!

Working - Son pressure washing his home

Brickwork - and a handsome lizard

Cutlery - Mama's silverware - Lady Esther 1935

Flowers - too pretty to just choose one! 
Thanks for the collage.

Ticket stub - Local high school musical - Grease

Crisp - A lovely crisp, blue sky

Colorful door - The bright, springtime carrot 
on the back door!

M is for ~ Memories

Loving memories of our dear friend, Cindy, who lost her battle with cancer in mid-March. 

Please visit Made with Love's Scavenger Hunt for March. Make some new friends and see some awesome photos from around the world. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunshine and Sweetness!

Sweet Sixteen!

Our precious granddaughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday with a family supper at our house. A very special time for our family. Our baby girl is growing into quite the young woman! The pink cake was her official birthday cake. I couldn't resist adding the chocolate cake and decorating with the little ceramic figures from my own "Sweet 16" many moons ago! 

She is truly the sunshine of our lives!

There is always lots of laughter and love when my girls are here!

 It seems that Spring may have finally arrived. March, however, is not going out like a lamb. The sun is shining, but the wind is gusting at about 30 miles per hour! Last night, my evening walk was orchestrated to the sounds of the wind roaring in the top of the tall pines and the steady rustle of leaves in the Bradford pears... lovely sounds.

Gifts of Springtime!



Dogwood - early March
Dogwood - March 30

I had to revisit the pond. The Canada Geese seem content to stay a bit longer.

Swimming in the sunshine

The last daffodil

I hope that March  has been kind to you and yours. I have enjoyed the "Sunlit Sunday" challenges that Karen so kindly hosted. A great opportunity to make so many new friends! 

Join us at My Little Home and Garden for our finale. Please be sure to visit the other participants to see where the sun is shining ... far and wide.

Wishing you sunshine and blue skies
sharing a little tune to add a spring in your step!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

Cloudy, misty day in Georgia. Bring your own sunshine!

Entrance to neighborhood where son and daughter-in-love live...gorgeous!
So late to Karen's, but since I missed the previous two Sundays, I thought "better late, than not at all!"
I did, however, make visits and enjoyed the lovely offerings of others. 

   Hope your week is filled with all your favorite things!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here Comes the Sun ~ Sunlit Sunday

The past week was a mixture of rain and sunshine. No complaints, just enjoyed the days whatever weather! The early morning temperatures hovered near freezing, but rallied during the afternoon to reach the 70+ degree (F or 21 or so C) mark. A good time for rambling with the camera and enjoying a little sunshine.

Sunny Southern Sky
Weeping Willow 
Sunlight and Shadow
A sunny windowsill
Ruffled Pink Azalea and Daffodil
Please drop by My Little Home and Garden for 

Hoping your weekend was nice and restful. 

Good wishes for the coming week...
 may your days be productive,
 the people you encounter pleasant (or at least tolerable),
 and your smiles outweigh your frowns.

Here's a little bit of sunshine from the "Fab Four"... 
The Beatles
YouTube~Sorry if you have to click through the ad. 
Sometimes it was there... others times not!

A bit of history about George Harrison's 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunlit Sunday ~ Promises

No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland

A week of sunshine and rain.
Warmer temperatures with a 
little chill each morning and night. 

The first Ruffled Pink Azalea buds hiding inside the bush.
The tiniest lavender flowers, no larger than the end of your finger,
nestled in the grass.
My favorite hydrangea coming back to life.
Just beyond our backyard neighbor's house is this quiet little pond.
 Seems the visiting Canada Geese are enjoying swim in the sunshine.

It is difficult to believe that March is at our doorsteps. 
Enjoy the last bit of February.
Hope you all have a lovely week! 

Joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday
over at My Little Home and Garden.
Please take a peek and visit the other participants!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunlit Sunday... The First

Can Spring be far away? 
The very first daffodil!
This is the only bloom in the garden right now, 
but there are lots  more to come. 
Anxiously awaiting!

If you'd like a bit more "Buttercup Love"  
check out this February 2013 post.

Please visit My Little Home and Garden 
and the other participants for 
Sunlit Sunday. 
Thanks to Karen for hosting. 
Hope you enjoy your visits to lots of sunlit places!

Thanks for stopping by. 
I am a bit early to the party this week. 
On Sunday off to visit the son and daughter-in-love.
I appreciate your visits and comments!
Have a wonderful week filled with 
good people, 
sweet moments, 
lots of smiles,
and much love!