Thursday, April 16, 2015

Golf and Pimento Cheese on White Bread

For golf and the State of Georgia, the Masters Golf Tournament is the sport's crowning glory.... Modestly stated by a lifelong Georgian and non-golfer. For days ahead of the Master's, my Facebook page was flooded with photos and comments about... No, not golf... But the fantastic pimento cheese on white bread sandwiches available at the Augusta National. I was surprised to read from an Instagram/blogger friend that pimento cheese is difficult to find "up North." Not wanting Jen or anyone to be without this delicious sandwich makings.. I am sharing my recipe. Mama made pimento cheese, but I am sure hers was without garlic or spices. She was a salt and pepper girl. Mama did, however, cut celery into 3" or so lengths and fill with pimento cheese. They looked like little canoes filled with cheesy goodness! Its creamy gloriousness was not confined to sandwiches or crackers. So here you go... Give it a try. If you are a cheese lover, I do not think you will be disappointed. 

Pimento Cheese

You'll need:

4 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature (I have also used Havarti Cheese... Very good!)
1 teaspoon garlic salt (or 1/2 t. garlic powder... This is not a low sodium recipe)
1 teaspoon Nature's Seasons (You can use just salt, but I like the combination of salt, pepper, and spices in this product)
1 4 oz jar diced pimentos, drained (You can also run these through the food processor if you want less noticeable pieces of pimento.)
1 cup mayonnaise (Hellmann's or Duke's is best for PC and potato salad ... But that's just a Southern Thing!)

I begin by putting cream cheese in large microwaveable bowl then sprinkle the seasoning over the cream cheese and warm slightly in the microwave.. 30 - 40 seconds... Long enough that you should be able to enjoy the aroma of cheese and spices! This step is totally unnecessary, but I do it anyway. For some reason I think it enhances the flavor. Now, you see why I do NOT do a food blog!
Add cheddar cheese, pimento, and mayo. Mix well. Taste... Add more seasonings as desired. Enjoy immediately with your choice of bread... However, I must say that just plain old white bread is a favorite... Toasted or not. Please cut your sandwich diagonally for added triangular pleasure. Also good with crackers or celery. Cover and refrigerate pimento cheese.. Stays fresh for at least a week.

So... Spring is in full swing here...often wafting to Summer! Much to anticipate here... The retirement Magnolia has dozens of buds, the long awaited peonies are taking turns opening one a day, sunflower, zinnia, gourd seedlings are ready for transplanting, and the amaryllis are putting on a show. Hope all is well in your world!

Well, bless their heart! The New York Times is writing about my beloved Duke's Mayonnaise! Read all about it here:

Duke's and The New York Times

Monday, February 23, 2015

The idea...

of waiting for something makes it more exciting.
Andy Warhol

This time of year I become obsessed with plants.. flowering, vegetables, shrubs... from tiny seeds to gallon plants... It makes no difference. Making plans... sometimes that live only in my head and some that actually manage to come to life.. outside.

The weather is such a tease. In the teens last week for several days and almost 70 degrees over the weekend. However, one can't be fooled... Winter remains.. even if the heart longs for Spring. Maybe Andy was correct... the waiting makes it sweeter... He did know a thing or two about flowers.

Flowers by Andy Warhol, 1970 - Red, Yellow, Orange on Blue

Have a good week. Joining Karen ... a bit late.. for Sunlit Sunday. Hope your week is filled with sunlight, pleasant people and good thoughts!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sparkling, Shimmering ...

Sometimes inspiration is just a few steps outside your back door... 

And the only sparkle is provided by the universe...

A bit of sunshine in my world was lost this week.. a lifelong friend lost his fight with heart disease.  He was a "music master" and made his living for many years as a DJ for private events... on Tuesday a bit of the music died for all who loved him. He was complex, caring, kind, devoted, thoughtful, so much FUN, and a shining light to his family and friends. 

There is a hole in the universe... but his sparkle shines through. This post was not intended to be sad... but rather a celebration of a life well lived. His last message to me read, "I am so blessed to have had so many life experiences and especially for having quality friends...If I never told you before, I Love You." What a special gift... to me. 
RIP ~ Backdoor Man

Hope that the coming week is filled with light and love for you and yours. Joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday... hope you will, too!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunshine came softly...

More sunshine than clouds this week... WooHoo!!

The green beans and baked sweet potatoes were the prefect suppertime treat... especially with the fried chicken that rounded out the meal. While fried chicken was on the menu several times a week during my growing up years, it is relegated to "very seldom" status at this stage of our lives!

This week's smile: The first daffodil... very welcome, indeed! There are promises of many more to come. 

Enjoy your week.. hope it's filled with sunshine and smiles! Don't forget to spread a little love... Valentine's Day is Saturday. Remember an elderly or shut-in friend with a call or card. It will mean more than you know!

Joining Karen of My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday. Please visit and spread the sunshine!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walking in Sunshine...

Finally, the rain and grey skies are gone… glorious sunshiny day! On the cold, wet, cloudy days, I find myself withdrawing into my little nest at the end of the sofa. Book, magazine, or iPad in hand, I huddle leaving only long enough to do the required meals and daily chores. 

For a few days this week… oh my, glorious turquoise skies and brilliant sunshine. Mild temperatures and sunshine... and irresistible combination for someone who has too long been away from her camera. The short walk out behind my backyard neighbors was awakening... inspiring!

Sometimes we have to walk through the shadows to appreciate the sunshine.

The sunshine on the other side was a gift.

If anyone north of the Mason-Dixon Line wonders where the geese come to Winter... here is one answer. 

31.7156° N, 83.2564° W

The beauty of the sunny, mild Winter days gave way to more chilling rain and cold. I have said this before... if you don't like Southern weather in the morning.. just stick around until lunch.. forever changing! 

Joining Karen over at Sunlit Sunday. Thanks, Karen, for getting  me off the sofa and out with my camera. Hope that wherever you are you are having a "sunlit" day... and good wishes for a pleasant week.