Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Colors..

Today, we have a little respite from the 100 degree days of the past weeks... a breezy 86 degrees. Even in the heat, the flowers persist...thankfully. 

The brilliant blue sky is the perfect backdrop for the lush colors of summer.

The Big Boy tomato vine is living up to its name... It's over 5 feet tall and loaded with shiny green tomatoes. The countdown is on for the first blush of red on those beauties! 

Our attempts to tame and support the limbs have been an effort in futility. Each time we think we have it corralled... Another sprig pushes its way out. The little bell pepper plant in between is being engulfed. So my edible garden has a mind of its own... If you don't see me here or on Instagram, you might surmise that the monster tomato vine in South Georgia has swallowed our little piece of paradise! Stay cool and out for those killer tomatoes! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's not Camelot...

In Camelot.
The winter is forbidden till December
And exits March the second on the dot.*

No one would mistake South Georgia for Camelot... but today, like in Camelot winter was no where to be found and spring came early. Perfect weather for my mid-day 2 mile walk. The backdoor neighbors were having a family gathering. Several children where flying kites. A couple where practicing their casting skills with new rod and reels... ready for fishing! 

Here is a glimpse of my world!

Daffodil Days!

Camellias can brighten even the most dismal day.. springtime blooms are breathtaking!

The new camellia... Taylor's Perfection

Living up to it's name!

This little guy was caught in the pool skimmer. After rescue... drying out in the sun. 

I hope your March 2nd was a lovely day... spring weather or not. Good wishes for the remainder of the month. Daylight Saving Time and Spring are on the way! 


If you are feeling a visit to Camelot is needed... close your eyes... and listen...