Monday, October 29, 2012

Flowers in the House... and ramblings!

Just a few left over zinnias, lantana (?), some purple blooms and seed pods from the "butterfly" bush to gather for a bouquet or two to accompany the jack-o-lanterns and Thanksgiving pumpkins for Jane's Flowers in the House. The volunteer "popcorn tree" (Chinese Tallow tree) beside the back fence is still lush with green leaves, but the white seed pods from which the nickname is derived are abundant. These little pods add just a bit of whimsy to the tenacious zinnias that have outdone themselves this year!

The cooler weather and a bit of blustery winds have made their way into South Georgia. The leaves are beginning to show a bit of color and the dogwood trees have those lovely red seed pods... almost as pretty as the lovely springtime blooms! 

 My mother's family reunion was yesterday. I always attend with mixed emotions. I miss her, her siblings and their spouses. My parents died 31 years ago, but I still feel they should be at this annual gathering. We determined that this past year marriages were celebrated, new babies were born, dear loved ones have passed on and on a joyous note - the oldest surviving cousin is 105 years of age and her sister is 86!  A sweet cousin volunteered to decorate each table making the utilitarian building much more warm and welcoming!

 I walked down the road I live on the other day... these greeted me from a shallow ditch...

These lovely Confederate Roses were blooming in my neighbor's yard. The plant is actually more kin to the cotton plant than a rose bush, but this lovely flower needed to have a pretty name! The blooms start out white, turn pink, and finally red! I am green with envy that I don't have one of these lovely shrubs! Maybe she'll share a cutting and I can nourish my own into splendor!

Just a bit of what's happening in my neck of the woods. Hope yours is safe and full of all the things you love!