Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scavenger Hunt July 2013

How is it the end of the month slips up and I still don't have all the photos for Green Thumb's Scavenger Hunt? The old procrastination habit kicks in at some point and I think I have more time than I do! However, I did manage to take the last photo a few minutes ago so I have something for each... here's my interpretation of the list. I look forward to visiting all those who participated. It's such a cool event. Grab your camera and join us on the last day of August... the list is already available!

BLACK - The night sky at Cape San Blas, Florida.

11 - Sea oats... the perfect 11

SOMETHING VERY OLD - Our neighbor's barn, old but charming

SOMETHING BRIGHT - July 25th, the first day without rain in 30+ days... the pool water was bright and sparkling!
COINS - The collection of USA quarters each designed to reflect something special about that state. Can you guess what's on Georgia's? A peach, of course!

NUMBERS - Amazingly, beautiful day on the Gulf for these sailors... so clear you can read the numbers on the sail!
WHEEL - A mill wheel. Not sure if this is an old mill converted to a home. It was too charming not to stop and photograph! You can't see from this angle, but there is a running creek just beyond the house.
THE GREAT OUTDOORS - One of the many days of rain... view from our back patio.
SMILE - Our beach neighbor's little girl's floating flower creation... how could you not smile!
UMBRELLA - My favorite kind of umbrella... a beautiful day at the beach!
FEET - Eleven years ago, I was hired as director and charged with opening, staffing, and directing the day-to-day operations of  the child development center at our local college. In January 2013, our (former) president announced the closing of the center. On the last day, June 28th, many staff and community families came by the center to say goodbye. These little feet walked the halls of this center at some point in their lives... I am so pleased to have been a part of their early learning years!

TECHNOLOGY - Ok, I cheated a bit with this one. I thought this would be better than a photo of my ipad or laptop! ;-) Without this, I couldn't share one of my favorites from YouTube...  Whatchathink? Isn't she awesome?

 After you catch your breath, please join us over at Made with Love: Scavenger Hunt.

Monday, July 22, 2013

July FITH - It's a party!

When Jane scheduled Flowers in the House for today, I hoped for an outdoor party. Unfortunately, the party came indoors since we have had our daily dose of rain... at least 2 really strong showers today complete with thunder rumbling all around. Our Georgia rainfall deficit has been reduced and is now running in the plus column... for this we are thankful. However, we are beginning to mold and mildew so a bit of prolonged sunshine would be most appreciated. So lemonade and cookies were served inside rather than under the umbrella on the patio.

Afternoon rain shower - 30 or so consecutive days of rain!

Washing dishes is easier when there are flowers in the window!

Need to use the watering can for something!
Cookies, lemonade, and all the left over flowers!
Thanks for your visit! Don't forget to pop in at Jane's and visit all the party goers. Hope you have a pleasant week whether it's rain or shine, hot or cool wherever you are!