Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Flowers in the House

Since I could not begin to top Gus's post over at Jane's - October Flowers in the House party, I'll just share a bit of what's left in the garden at my house.

The ever tenacious elephant ears are still verdant and multiplying... and will until the first or second frost of the winter put an end to these impudent upstarts that love taking over any available (and often unavailable) spot.

However, after a closer look at the lime green leaf, it looks a bit like an abstract painting of trees... so maybe there is beauty and merit there after all.
The zinnias just keep on keeping on. The kitchen window is dressed for Fall in red-orange, yellow-orange with a touch of dogwood berry foliage.
The copper pitcher from atop the cabinets comes down for a good swipe of the protective dust covering and spider webs to hold a few more zinnias and dogwood.

Outside may not feel exactly like Autumn, but I have added several touches inside to bring on the season. Even though the temperature was in the 70s today with clouds and a threat of rain, it seemed a good day for some hardy fall food.

Homemade chili with lots of shredded cheese
Apple Dumplings made easy with crescent rolls and a splash of lemon-lime soda... yummy!

Yummm... Time for dessert and a trip over to Flower Jane's too see all the pretties joining the party. See you there!