Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This and That...

 A tin flower that we could not resist bringing home with us surrounded by some of the pretties now in bloom.

 Flowers for a small celebration for two of "my girls" from our former child development center days. As the closing of the center approached last June, staff made plans to move on to new career paths. We got together to celebrate the graduation of one from Mercer University with her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood/Special Education. The other is completing her training in neuromuscular therapy and was nominated to represent her technical college in the state GOAL competition... she was first runner up... representing nearly 200,000 students! 

Blue and pink hydrangea bushes are bursting into bloom! 

Lots of opportunity to play with light and shadows. The retirement magnolia has over a dozen buds. The newly planted hostas are sending up flowers. The confederate jasmine is making a comeback after way too much cold weather. The roses are blooming along the split rail fence.

There's much to see and enjoy in our little neck of the woods these days. I am appreciating all this loveliness a lot more after the cold weather and rain seemed to drag on forever. Hope you are seeing new life in your neighborhood, too. Planned on joining Mosaic Monday to see what's happening all around, but due to severe weather problems no MM this week!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Susan--your flowers are glorious! I am savoring them via pictures, so can only imagine how enchanting they are in real life. Congratulations to your "girls" on their success--adjusting to a change like that is tough, and it sounds like they've created great futures for themselves.

  2. So many lovely flowers, and weld one to your girls that a great achievement.

  3. Don't blame for for not leaving that flower behind, it's such fun.

  4. The collages of blooms are beautiful and I got a chuckle when I saw the pin! I was checking on my hydrangeas today and they are just starting to put forth some new leaves for the spring season.

    Congratulations to "your girls" and their accomplishments.


  5. Dear Susan,
    your flowers are beautiful! And further on - but only a little bit - than ours in Berlin. Our 'much to cold weather' of the last two weeks is changing now to announced high temperatures - so we will all wake up from our involuntary hibernation and start to live/write/travel again.

  6. What a great start your 'girls' must have had! Well done to you and everyone at that centre.
    I spent a long time at the garden centre yesterday and came home with the most gorgeous colours - can't wait til they're all planted.

  7. Flowers everywhere (at least in the South)! Such a beautiful time of year. Love your blog. xo


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