Monday, May 19, 2014

Life's a Beach...with flowers!

A change of scenery is always good. A change of scenery with our boy, his sweet wife, and her dear parents... just the best! Spent several days last week on the Gulf of Mexico in great company. While the weather was iffy and the breezes on the cool side, it was a very special time of fun, good food, beautiful views, and relaxation. 

Now, it's back to the real world, we spent the morning washing windows, inside and out. Life goes on! A brief trip to the hydrangea bush for some lovelies for Jane's party was most rewarding. This little bush is putting on quite a show... over 4 dozen hydrangea blossoms in various states of bloom! 

Hydrangeas have found a home again on the kitchen window sill! 

If you are interested, last week's post also featured flowers... on the patio. A real hodge-podge of flowers from my yard and the side of the road! 
Here's a peek...

Life is good ... even if I'm not at the beach. 

Hurrying over the Jane's to see all the pretty petals at her Flowers in the House party! 

Also joining Mosaic Monday at The Little Red House.

Hope you have a splendid week... wherever you are!


  1. Oooh, I'd love to be at the beach - as a matter of fact, I'm just waiting for The Great Dane to get ready for us to go down for a stroll on the shore. It's a bit cloudy and chilly today, so it will be a Pacific Northwest beach walk, as opposed to a nice warm California or Florida walk!

    1. A walk on the beach is a blessing... No matter where or the weather! Enjoy!

  2. Gorgeous white sand, and beautiful blues and greens of the water, your hydrangeas and your blog! What a lovely way to spend time with your family.

  3. Ah lucky you, the winter killed off any hydrangea blooms that had formed except on Lady In Red. A huge disappointment but you're making up for it.

    Thank you.

    And your vacay sounds wonderful.

    We are all very lucky women.

    xo J

  4. Can't ever go wrong with hydrangeas. Am anxiously waiting for mine, it'll be a while though.

  5. I'm sure you had a lovely time away, You found a very pretty Hydrangea.

  6. Gorgeous hydrangeas! I'm waiting to see how mine faired after a very tough winter. Lovely beach photos, too. And well done, washing your windows! I'm terrible about getting around to that chore!

  7. I love blue hydrangeas but mine always seem to revert to pink no matter what I try. Lovely photos.

  8. I love your hydrangeas. We had to dig some out during garden renovations and I hoped they would stand replanting but they didn't survive the move.

  9. It's great to have in-laws you love to spend time with. I hope we will be as lucky as you are when our kids get married. I love the beach mosaic. It's so romantic. Have a good week, Susan.

  10. Dear Susan,
    to spend a holiday week at the sea: what a treat! And together with your son and daughter-in-love: double treat! The weather is not so important - the changing sky, the clouds, the sand, the waves: wonderful in every time of the year. (I would love to live directly at the sea).
    So many hydrangeas! Water-slurpers they are, as their name say: how did they manage in the time of your absence?

  11. Wow! That beach... & Hydrangeas of course :)
    Middle Ages is fascinating! Enjoy your book ;)

  12. Love the blue bottles and blue hydrangea, not quite blooming in the NW yet!

  13. So glad you had a lovely time at the beach. Your flowers are so pretty, and I just love the random flowers in the different bottles! I hope you are having a great week!

  14. Four dozen hydrangea blossoms! I'm going to have to end this game of apartment living. So jealous. Enjoy!

  15. Life is good, at the beach or anywhere, with the right attitude.

    I love all of your hydrangea photos and I am copying that last photo. I have just the basket and the bottles waiting to be filled with flowers.

  16. Getting away is always nice even though work awaits upon the return home. Love the hydrangeas. I'm impatiently waiting for mine to bloom - it will be few weeks yet as the buds are just forming.

  17. It sounds like you had a wonderful getaway in a beautiful place. It seems you have plenty of beauty at home too. The hydrangeas are beautiful!



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