Monday, June 24, 2013

June Flowers in the House

Jane at Small but Charming is kindly hosting Flowers in the House. I enjoy seeing the diversity of the flowers, containers, and each participant's interpretation of such a lovely task. Currently, hydrangeas are the stars of my garden. I decided to let them stand on their own... no extra filler or fluff. Just the color and texture of these beauties.

My favorite bottles and lavender/blue hydrangeas.

 More hydrangeas and my special Tetley Tea vintage glass.  A treasure from my childhood. I loved spending time each summer with the aunt and uncle who owned a little country store. My aunt didn't have the heart to say no when I asked for the wonderful green and crystal glass. It was the retailer's promotion gift for stocking Tetley Tea.. to me it was at the very least a glass worthy of a seven year old princess... of course, that was ME! Sweet tea + pretty glass = delight

 Such pretty colors and textures... the bush has blooms ranging from barely lavender to darker blue.... oh, it began life pink, but the acidity in the soil took care of that!

The carnival glass vase that belonged to my Grandma Lora is so pretty with lavender/blue hydrangeas and orange day lilies. I just couldn't resist adding the day lilies... the colors were so pretty together and such a compliment to the oranges in the vase. So much for just featuring hydrangeas!

Milk glass and a hydrangea from the "pink" bush. I couldn't bear to cut a really pink one since there were only 3 true pinks... thus the one that had moved into the green stage.
I have decided I need more tables...not enough flat surfaces for flowers! Well, perhaps I just need to remove the clutter. Is that a possibility? Perhaps...unlikely. Thanks for the party, Jane.