Monday, August 27, 2012

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~Sam Keen

Just a small offering for Jane's Flowers in the House. The heat of August plays havoc with even the hardiest Southern gardens and especially with one that has been neglected over the past few weeks. However, there were a few wayward hydrangeas, beautiful blooms from a butterfly bush, and colorful zinnias.

 The zinnia's are a bit straggly. I could only bear to clip a few. Even in this late stage, they looked so pretty hugging the fence and adding a welcoming touch to the backyard gate.

The early summer gift of a dwarf magnolia tree has also produced surprises with it's lovely blooms in the heat of summer!

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....

Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog days of summer... and a country swimming hole

       Growing up in South Georgia always meant hot summer days, a neighborhood pickup baseball game with boys and girls, the local library's summer reading club, and at least a weekly visit to Plains, Georgia to the nearest community swimming pool or to our favorite country swimming hole known as "Fussell's Pond."  

      These days the gnats and heat are still around, library's continue to sponsor reading clubs, kids play "organized' sports, and kids swim in backyard pools with few even knowing what a "swimming hole" really is. On a recent day trip to visit our son and daughter-in-love, we passed a unique swimming hole. The spur of the moment "turn around" produced a pretty good photo op.  Even in the early morning hours, the girls were eager for a dip... giving new meaning to the term "contented cows."

     Summer in the South... where we are all just trying to stay cool and fight the humidity...where everyone thinks we're all so friendly... we are, but most of the time we're also fanning gnats. Enjoy your dog days of summer... in or out of your local swimming hole.