Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunshine and Sweetness!

Sweet Sixteen!

Our precious granddaughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday with a family supper at our house. A very special time for our family. Our baby girl is growing into quite the young woman! The pink cake was her official birthday cake. I couldn't resist adding the chocolate cake and decorating with the little ceramic figures from my own "Sweet 16" many moons ago! 

She is truly the sunshine of our lives!

There is always lots of laughter and love when my girls are here!

 It seems that Spring may have finally arrived. March, however, is not going out like a lamb. The sun is shining, but the wind is gusting at about 30 miles per hour! Last night, my evening walk was orchestrated to the sounds of the wind roaring in the top of the tall pines and the steady rustle of leaves in the Bradford pears... lovely sounds.

Gifts of Springtime!



Dogwood - early March
Dogwood - March 30

I had to revisit the pond. The Canada Geese seem content to stay a bit longer.

Swimming in the sunshine

The last daffodil

I hope that March  has been kind to you and yours. I have enjoyed the "Sunlit Sunday" challenges that Karen so kindly hosted. A great opportunity to make so many new friends! 

Join us at My Little Home and Garden for our finale. Please be sure to visit the other participants to see where the sun is shining ... far and wide.

Wishing you sunshine and blue skies
sharing a little tune to add a spring in your step!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

Cloudy, misty day in Georgia. Bring your own sunshine!

Entrance to neighborhood where son and daughter-in-love live...gorgeous!
So late to Karen's, but since I missed the previous two Sundays, I thought "better late, than not at all!"
I did, however, make visits and enjoyed the lovely offerings of others. 

   Hope your week is filled with all your favorite things!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here Comes the Sun ~ Sunlit Sunday

The past week was a mixture of rain and sunshine. No complaints, just enjoyed the days whatever weather! The early morning temperatures hovered near freezing, but rallied during the afternoon to reach the 70+ degree (F or 21 or so C) mark. A good time for rambling with the camera and enjoying a little sunshine.

Sunny Southern Sky
Weeping Willow 
Sunlight and Shadow
A sunny windowsill
Ruffled Pink Azalea and Daffodil
Please drop by My Little Home and Garden for 

Hoping your weekend was nice and restful. 

Good wishes for the coming week...
 may your days be productive,
 the people you encounter pleasant (or at least tolerable),
 and your smiles outweigh your frowns.

Here's a little bit of sunshine from the "Fab Four"... 
The Beatles
YouTube~Sorry if you have to click through the ad. 
Sometimes it was there... others times not!

A bit of history about George Harrison's