Thursday, April 30, 2015

April... Where did you go?

How is it possible... The last day of April? I blinked and here we are! Yes, I know... Mama told me this would happen...Daddy agreed...times goes much faster when you are old(er)! April was filled showers and flowers... Roses, amaryllises, and the anxiously awaited, much loved peonies. 



Hoping that April showers do bring May flowers. The zinnias, Queen Anne's lace, hydrangeas, and day lilies are looking good... Lots of buds! Hoping for lots of May flowers! 

Happy May Day! 

Enjoy the beauty all around you...wherever you are!


Ok... I wish I knew what was up with Blogger... everything is out of line.. paid no heed to my format... oh well.. the flowers are pretty... anyway!


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful. I adore the yellow roses, and the ladybug on the peony is marvelous. I'm drinking it all in--spring is still in slow motion here!

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