Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bits of Easter

When my children were home, our house was decorated for every holiday... not so much anymore. I am not sure if it's age, complacency, or what? Then I walked by a shelf... lo and behold... there they are!

 A pair of handmade little wooden bunnies
Bunny Baby

A precious little pair ... ready for Spring!
Little terracotta bunny and Easter basket perched on vintage wooden blocks.

Bunnies, baskets, and porcelain Easter rabbits all decked out in their
finery. Can you really look at something for so long that you fail to see?

Am guessing that is very possible and flows over into all parts of my life. Ummm... wonder what else I am walking by daily and failing to see? Chances are it includes those "dust bunnies" under the furniture and that fine protective covering of dust that layers this and that. If you look closely, you may even see a bit of that in the photos! 

Ok... guilt lead me to bring out Sallie. She's been on the closet shelf far too long.

Happy, Happy Easter


  1. I often "fail to see"!
    I'm glad you let Sallie out of the closet.

    Happy Spring!


    1. Sallie is enjoying her perch on the mantle... Since I never rush to change things, she'll probably enjoy the summer from there! Hope y'all have had some sunshine and warmth up your way.

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit my blog so that I could return the visit. I've had a lovely look around - especially enjoyed the post about your mum. I'm your newest follower, and look forward to reading more.

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  4. That was a fun post and the bunnies were cute. I don't have many cute ones, but I have lots of dust bunnies at the cottage!

    1. Magali... thanks for your visit. My house has lots of dust bunnies, beautifully woven spider webs, and a protective coating of dust... most days!


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