Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowers, just not in the house

The plum trees blooming in the hedge-rows on the highway along with sweet honeysuckle on countryside fences make for a picture perfect springtime day. Yesterday, the sky so blue, a bit of a breeze, the sunny day so appealing, it would have been difficult to have spent the afternoon inside. Piddled with some re-potting of plants, floated lazily in the pool, and enjoyed watching (again!) Forrest Gump with my husband on the patio.  
The fence is covered with little white pinwheels 
of Confederate Jasmine 
whose fragrance is so sweet and thick, 
it filled the air around us.

No flowers in the house for this last Monday in April, but seeing these outside my kitchen window ... amazing! 
I know I should have brought some inside, 
but I just couldn't bring myself to disturb the beauty.
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Bet there will be some lovely offerings from all over the world!
The first of the pink daylillies with promises of more to come.


  1. Well when it's as beautiful a flower as that jasmine I'm as happy to see it on the fence as i would be to have it in the house.

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday.

    xo Jane

  2. Your jasmine is beautiful, and undisturbed just as it should be.

  3. Oh the scent of jasmine and the beauty of daylilies (which often have a wonderful fragrance)--isn't life wonderful?

  4. I've never seen such a big shrub of jasmine in full bloom. I can feel the scent... Thank you for visiting my blog and having left your kind comment. From Japan.

  5. Gorgeous flowers blooming in your garden - the jasmine and day lilies are lovely.
    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, you are very welcome!

    Gill xx

  6. Nice to meet you, thanks for dropping by my blog and joining up! You just may win that chalkboard if I don't get many other comments... :- ) and if you get the chicken bowl I can always paint a chicken on it to match!

    Your blog is lovely, jasmine is one of the pleasures of a warm climate, in my previous home i grew 4 varieties: confederate, pink, angel wing, and night blooming...

  7. Oooooh....MAGNIFIQUES FOTOS J`adore!!!!!!!! :O) Et J`adore votre blog et mentenaint je suis votre nouveux folowers!!! :O)
    With love from Moscow!!!
    xxx Maria xxx


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