Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers in the house....

Springtime bulbs have decided it's warm enough to show their colors... and they are lovely! The pretty purple iris is a favorite. We have enjoyed seeing them from the kitchen window.

The amaryllis are stunning ... whether they are white with red, red with white, or just plain red!

Thanks to a dear neighbor for sharing her bounty of amaryllis bulbs! Our bulbs have been shared with others, moved, and enjoyed for many years. I could not resist picking up three new bulbs the other day... beautiful pink amaryllis. I cannot wait until next spring to see the results.

Thanks, Jane... for letting me share. See you in April!


  1. Loved that you joined in. iris huh? At least you're ahead of us in some flowers!

    Cold coming our way, hope all our early bloomers survive!

    see you in April? Excellent!

  2. Thanks Jane. Sorry it took two tries to get the link correct! :-( We are in south Georgia (200 miles south of Atlanta) so our beautiful iris blooms have come and gone. I actually just have one little beauty left in the garden! But the amaryllis promise to put on a beautiful show! As always, can't wait for the day lilies.

  3. Those iris are beautiful--the color is so deep and rich.
    The amarylis is fun and cheerful. I envy you your southern climate these days.
    Glad you are joining Jane--she's a great gal.

  4. Sweet. Enjoyed seeing the dogwood in your previous post. They are almost getting ready here in NYC. Happy spring.

  5. wow, the amaryllis are gorgeous. now i want some in my garden!

  6. Jen - We have skipped Spring and gone to Summer temps on several days!

    Happy Spring to you in NYC!

    Rev. Tera - As pretty as the forced bulbs are at Christmas, the amaryllis in the garden are spectacular! We are warm enough here in South Georgia to over-winter the bulbs in the garden... no digging and replanting!


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