Friday, April 26, 2019


I began this blog because I thought I had something to say. Who knew I didn't? I also used it as a means of working on my photography ... that has become a point and shoot endeavor with my phone!  I don't read blogs as faithfully as I used do. I wonder if others are the same? I did meet some lovely people through blogs and continue to follow many on Instagram. Perhaps it's the instant gratification and little effort that draws my attention in that direction of social media. Facebook and Instagram require little thought and planning... as seen in many posts! ;-)

I hope wherever you are and however you use social media that you are well, content, and springtime has put a bounce in your step.

Sending good wishes and smiles... Susan

P. S. I hope you enjoy my little photo tribute to the perfect peony... these lovelies are not suppose to grow in South Georgia.. but they do... not prolifically, but the few make them even more special!





  1. Dear Susan, the photos are stunning!!! Thank you!
    I found your post today - yes: for a long time I was a bit lazy on social media (but not in real life).
    I sometimes think that some people write very long posts - and it is a question of how much time we can spend.
    I am so happy to have made your acquaintance! And I wish you all the best, and with all my heart! Britta XXX

    1. Britta... thank you for your kind comment... I think the instant gratification of Facebook and Instagram has dampened the popularity of blogs... I do TRY to limit my screen time for those. I often forget to check in with my favorite bloggers. I do enjoy seeing your posts and photos. Smiles.. Susan


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